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Background Information
Name: Riki Wellington
Country of Birth: New Zealand New Zealand
Birthday: September 27, 1993
Team: Dark Sided
Role: Mid
Favorite God:  
Hirez Profile: Yada
Guru Profile: Yada
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Team History
Feb 2015 - Mar 2015Vivifylogo std.png Vivify eSports
Mar 2015 - May 2015Logo std2.png Slap N Tickle
May 2015 - Apr 2016DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves
May 2016 - Sept 2016Incitelogo std.png Incite
Feb 2017 - Feb 2017Logo std2.png Slap and Giggle
Feb 2017 - May 2017LGClogo std.png Legacy eSports
May 2017 - PresentDarklogo std.png Dark Sided
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Riki "Yada" Wellington is a SMITE player from New Zealand. He is currently playing mid for Dark Sided.


Yada has been playing video games since age 7. In SMITE, he played a lot of casual games in his spare time until established teams started to recognise him and questioning why he wasn't on a team. Having subbed in for several teams in scrims, he ended up choosing the newly forming team Vivify to get into the scene.


  • His favorite game is Final Fantasy VIII
  • He studied computer networking and currently works as an IT support engineer
  • He likes anime
  • He used to play the solo role

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-05-20 I1Q 2017 CGPL Winter Qualifiers Darklogo std.png Dark ZakaryhaTheBeastYadaLaneyGruff
2017-04-02 A22nd 2017 OPL Split 1 LGClogo std.png LGC ElChucklesYadaiDivineLiimitsWeave
2016-08-21 A33rd Season 3 OPL Split 2 Playoffs Incitelogo std.png Incite TheBeastkikiomeoYadaJustLaneyBiggy
2016-07-31 A22nd Season 3 OPL Split 2 Incitelogo std.png Incite TheBeastkikiomeoYadaJustLaneyBiggy
2016-04-03 A33rd Season 3 OPL Split 1 DWlogo std.png DW OnlyGoodAtSoloMaxenkikiomeoYadaRichardCastle
2015-10-31 A22nd 2015 OCE Regional Championship DWlogo std.png DW YadaElChuckleskikiomeoJustLaneyRichardCastle
2015-09-06 A22nd Season 2 OPL Split 2 DWlogo std.png DW YadaElChuckleskikiomeoJustLaneyRichardCastle
2015-06-22 A22nd Season 2 OPL Split 1 Invitational Ladder DWlogo std.png DW YadaElChucklesWizzahkikiomeoRichardCastle
2015-04-19 I1Q Season 2 OPL Split 1 Invitational Qualifier Logo std2.png Slap YadaElChucklesWizzahkikiomeoRichardCastle

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