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LG XenoTronics 2016 Fall.png
Background Information
Name: Nathan Hewitt
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: August 28, 1995
Team: Flash Point eSports
Role: Hunter
Hirez Profile: [1]
Guru Profile: XenoTronics
Team History
May 2015 - Aug 2015COGXDlogo std.png COG Crusaders
Sep 2015 - Feb 2016RBRlogo std.png Risky Behavior
Feb 2016 - Jul 2016Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
Jul 2016 - Jan 2017LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
Feb 2016 - PresentFPlogo std.png Flash Point eSports
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Nathan "XenoTronics" Hewitt is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing hunter for Flash Point eSports.


XenoTronics lives in Fort Myers, Florida.


  • He is Shadowq's former roommate.
  • He drinks a lot of coffee before each game.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-04-16 A77th 2017 NA SPL Spring Gauntlet FPlogo std.png FP AquariusMirageInconXenoTronicsShadowq
2017-03-26 A88th 2017 NA SPL Spring Season FPlogo std.png FP AquariusMirageInconXenoTronicsShadowq
2017-01-08 A33 - 4th SMITE World Championship 2017 LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-11-20 A33 - 4th 2016 NA Regional Championship LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-11-19 A22nd SWC 2017 Wildcard LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-10-30 A33rd Season 3 NA SPL Fall Season LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-09-15 A11st Season 3 NA SPL Fall Placement LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-06-06 A55th Season 3 NA SPL Spring Season Deniallogo std.png Denial Benj1MaskedXenotronicsVetiumShadowq
2016-03-06 I1NQ Season 3 NA SPL Spring Relegations Deniallogo std.png Denial WhalrusBennyXDMacetodafaceXenotronicsShadowq
2015-11-14 A22nd Season 2 NA CC Fall RBRlogo std.png RBR CrazyToasterSkeeledonXenotronicsFaymousHateWubbn
2015-07-05 A44th Season 2 NA CC Summer COGXDlogo std.png COGXD SpectrePookaTooManyApplesXenotronicsKillateral

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