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Background Information
Name: Stefano Otten
Country of Birth: Netherlands Netherlands
Birthday: October 6, 2000
Role: Solo
Favorite Gods:     
Alternate IDs: SteefyBeefy
Hirez Profile: TheBigSB
Guru Profile: TheBigSB
Social Media and Links
Youtube: UCaTLuaMCdsnEG_1D3HSj3Pg
Team History
TBizrlogo std.png Team Bizarre
Aug 2015 - Jan 2016LClogo std.png London Conspiracy
Jan 2016 - Aug 2016CClogo std.png Cringe Crew
Apr 2016 - Aug 2016Suspendedlogo std.png Suspended
Aug 2016 - Oct 2016Logo std2.png Next Threat
Oct 2016 - Feb 2017Logo std2.png Dutch Myrmidons
Feb 2017 - Mar 2017Desertedlogo std.png Deserted
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Stefano "TheBigSB" Otten is a Dutch SMITE player. He is currently without team. He was previously known as Zashu.


TheBigSB lives in Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

TheBigSB has played video games for as long as he can remember, playing Minecraft and Call of Duty before settling for SMITE. He met Dekuscrub who got him into his first competitive team.

In early August 2015, he left his former Challenger team Team Bizarre and joined London Conspiracy for SPL Season 2 EU Fall. Although he was not seen as a top solo laner in the world or even Europe, he was widely regarded to be a good fit for the London Conspiracy squad, which had struggled with consistency. Zashu, as he was then known, was very consistent throughout his time on the team, playing  Bellona to a high level, although it was not high enough to defeat Epsilon eSports at Super Regionals. Along with the rest of his team, he was knocked out of the running for Worlds in the Wild Card match.

On 8 April 2016, he was banned for one year after five offenses. Despite this, his teammates placed their faith in him, allowing him to stay on the team until August when he would appeal for his unbanning. He was replaced by Axioz for the remainder of the split. Throughout the next four months, Zashu launched his YouTube channel, followed Smite's rules to the wire and enforced them as well. On 16 August 2016, he was unbanned for good behavior. During this time, he launched his new account, TheBigSB. However, his dreams were not to come true, as his team decided to change their new solo laner to Zyrhoes.

With this development, TheBigSB left Cringe Crew and began searching for new teammates for a Challenger Cup team, creating Next Threat with himself as the captain. After Next Threat did not work out, he joined Dutch Myrmidons as their solo laner and is currently playing for them.


  • His nickname SteefyBeefy originates from his real life nickname Steef.
  • Good at something like teamfighting or whatever.
  • Has a trauma of horror movies from a jumpscare he endured when he was 7.
  • His YouTube channel is aimed at teaching players how to excel in solo lane.
  • TheBigSB is derived from SB standing for SteefyBeefy, another former username of his.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-06-10 A22nd 2017 EU CC Summer #1 Nlogo std.png N ZashuZearoeAiurzHynryFrezzyy
2017-03-04 A22nd 2017 EU CC Spring #1 Desertedlogo std.png Deserted TheBigSBAllHailMuppetsGorgonzollam0eXBaas
2017-02-11 I1NQ 2017 EU SPL Spring Relegations Desertedlogo std.png Deserted TheBigSBGorgonzollaBroTuZBaasHoek
2017-01-28 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Spring Relegations Open Qualifier Logo std2.png dMimy TheBigSBMikeTheMagikarpDeathPanterBaasHoek
2016-12-17 A55 - 8th EU Saturnalia Open Logo std2.png TnB TheBigSBMikeTheMagikarpBigManTingzBaasDeathPanter
2016-10-01 A77th Season 3 EU CC Fall Season Logo std2.png NextT TheBigSBFlyToSafetyAxiozTheBushyyyXypherior
2016-09-17 I1Q Season 3 EU CC Fall Qualifiers Logo std2.png NextT TheBigSBFlyToSafetyAxiozTheBushyyyXypherior
2015-11-22 A44th 2015 EU Regional Championship LClogo std.png LC ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy
2015-10-25 A44th Season 2 EU SPL Fall Season LClogo std.png LC ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy
2015-07-12 A44th EU Hitbox Invitational LClogo std.png LC SteefyBeefySnakeskinaeroShaggyshenkHalfDevil

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