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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Website: http://www.elevate.gg/
Sponsor: G Fuel
Kontrol Freek
Fire & Dice
Youtube: eLevateGG
Facebook: eLevateGG
Twitter: eLevateGG
Current Roster
Elevate Roster 2017 Spring.JPG
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Elevate is a North American eSports organization. Aside from SMITE, the team also has divisions for Call of Duty, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, and more. For information about Team eLevate's Call of Duty team, see their page on CoD Esportspedia.


Season 2

On August 3rd 2015, Elevate acquired the SPL roster Team Rival.[1]

After the first week of SPL Season 2 NA Fall, solo laner Gili announced that he had been let go due to poor performances.[2] Four weeks into the split, ADUR0 joined the team as the new midlaner, formerly the substitute, and Unrelinquished moved to a substitute role. ADUR0 would also instantly become captain over Mytherea.

After finishing in last place during the Fall Split, Elevate decided to release their current roster prior to the relegation tournament after multiple players chose to step down from their current position.[3]

Season 3

Elevate acquired the European team Fantastique in October 2016 right before the group stage of the Fall split. [4]


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Israel N0Numbers Ofer Rind Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
Georgia Nika Nika Pataraia Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
Finland nulisa Alisa Simola Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
Germany Jermain Ethan Batarsé Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
France Dardez Bastien Proust Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
Netherlands BlizzardFX Tom Keijzer Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
United Kingdom Faeles Daniel Evans Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Eanixlogo std.png Eanix
France MoGoW Jean Luc Vasaturo Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
United Kingdom WorldEdit Philip Arcari Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Retiredlogo std.png Retired
Switzerland Crystal Laura Werfeli Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
USA ScaryD Ronald Belair Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Logo std2.png Team Hopeful
USA Mytherea Caleb Sullivan Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Egrlogo std.png Team Eager
USA ADUR0 Elijah Ashton Template:RoleSortNumber Mid KSPÖTlogo std.png The Randozos
USA Vessalius Julius Melgar Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Retiredlogo std.png Retired
USA Metyankey Michael Fasciano Template:RoleSortNumber Support Logo std2.png Problem Solved
USA Unrelinquished Joshua Gratton Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Mid Egrlogo std.png Team Eager
USA Gili Sadiq Humecki Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Juicelogo std.png Juice Gaming
Canada Leftsyndrome Joshua Da Silva Template:RoleSortNumber Sub ResGmlogo std.png Resist Gaming

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Israel N0Numbers Ofer Rind Template:RoleSortNumber Solo France MoGoW SPL 2017 Season EU Spring - Week 3
Finland Nulisa Alisa Simola Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Netherlands BlizzardFX



ID Name Position
USA MaDDoG Brandon Hatfield Owner
USA Wolf Nick Neuman Analyst


ID Name Position Next Team
USA Narrian Chris Spratt Template:RoleSortNumber Coach SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2017-06-24 A66th 2017 EU SPL Summer Season N0NumbersCherryoNulisaJermainDardez
2017-03-25 A44th 2017 EU SPL Spring Gauntlet N0NumbersFaelesnulisaJermainDardez
2017-03-25 A66th 2017 EU SPL Spring Season N0NumbersFaelesNulisaJermainDardez
2017-02-11 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Spring Relegations MoGoWFaelesBlizzardFXJermainDardez
2016-11-05 A33rd Season 3 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet MoGoWFaelesWorldEditJermainDardez
2016-10-23 A77th Season 3 EU SPL Fall Season MoGoWWorldEditnulisaJermainDardez
2015-10-25 A88th Season 2 NA SPL Fall Season ScaryDMythereaADUR0VessaliusMetyankey $ 20,000
Total earnings:
    • USD 20,000

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