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DIG ShadowNightmare 2016 Fall.png
Background Information
Name: Lewis Farrell
Country of Birth: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Birthday: March 26, 1997
Role: Mid
Favorite Gods:    
Hirez Profile: ShadowNightmare
Guru Profile: ShadowNightmare
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Shadowslive
Team History
Dec 2013RGlogo std.png Reason Gaming
Jan 2014 - Feb 2014Torchlogo std.png Torch
Feb 2014 - Feb 2014CSTlogo std.png Team Coast
Apr 2014 - Jul 2014IKicklogo std.png Team Kicked
Jul 2014 - Nov 2014ExpSlogo std.png Exposed Secrets
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015Nlogo std.png Novus Orsa
Feb 2015 - Jan 2017Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas
Feb 2017Nlogo std.png Novus Orsa
Feb 2017 - Apr 2017Lionlogo std.png Lion Guard eSports
Apr 2017 - May 2017Nlogo std.png Novus Orsa
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Lewis "ShadowNightmare" Farrell is a British SMITE player. He is currently retired.


ShadowNightmare lives in Birmingham, England.

ShadowNightmare was part of team Torch which would eventually be picked up by Team Coast a little over a month before the SMITE Launch Tournament. Only nine days later it was announced that he would be removed citing personal differences between the players.[1]

Having missed out on playing at the Launch Tournament, he later joined Funballer's Team Kicked. With the team renamed to Exposed Secrets, he managed to qualify for the SMITE Pro League Season 1 Europe and also took first place at the Team SoloMid Invitational. Taking first place and thus first seed going into the SPL Season 1 EU Regionals, ShadowNightmare and his team mates joined Fnatic.

Missing out on qualifying for the SMITE World Championship 2015, the team disbanded. ShadowNightmare and FrostiaK stayed together to form the new team Novus Orsa. With the SPL EU Season 2 Qualifiers on the horizon, the team was picked up by Team Dignitas.

Throughout Season 2, ShadowNightmare's playstyle was heavily defined by his almost-exclusive usage of the starter item Soul Stone. Despite this, Dignitas struggled throughout the Pro League, finishing 5th (of six) in the Spring Split, 6th (of eighth) in the Summer Split, and 6th (of eighth) in the Fall Split. The final weeks of Season 2 would be an amazing ride for all of Dignitas, with a surprise pick from ShadowNightmare himself, Kukulkan. Finishing sixth, Dignitas qualified for the Super Regionals, where they put on an incredible show against their first round opponent, Paradigm. Going all 5 matches, Dignitas threw the final game, eliminating them from the tournament. They defeated Titan in the 5th place match.

He retired on 13 May 2017.[2]


  • He chose his nickname to fit his playstyle as the rogue class in several MMOs.
  • Before SMITE he played World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2.
  • He is currently in college studying Computer Programming and Software Design.
  • He is jokingly called "1 God Nightmare" for his supposedly limited god pool.
  • Known for his confidence and leadership which can be interpreted as arrogance and stubbornness.

Current Season Statistics

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-05-13 I1NQ 2017 EU SPL Summer Relegations Nlogo std.png N R3boundAxiozShadowNightmareFleuryQFrezzyy
2017-03-25 A77th 2017 EU SPL Spring Season Lionlogo std.png Lion Duck3yRearwardShadowNightmareFleuryQFrezzyy
2017-03-25 A55th 2017 EU SPL Spring Gauntlet Lionlogo std.png Lion Duck3yRearwardShadowNightmareFleuryQFrezzyy
2017-02-11 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Spring Relegations Nlogo std.png N Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareFleuryQFrezzyy
2016-12-17 A55 - 8th EU Saturnalia Open Logo std2.png Lads VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareBasícASoggySandal
2016-11-19 A55th SWC 2017 Wildcard Dlogo std.png DIG Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-11-05 A11st Season 3 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet Dlogo std.png DIG Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-10-23 A55th Season 3 EU SPL Fall Season Dlogo std.png DIG Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-09-16 A44th Season 3 EU SPL Fall Placement Dlogo std.png DIG Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-06-06 A55th Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season Dlogo std.png DIG TheDarkDodoFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensSuntouch
2015-11-22 A55th 2015 EU Regional Championship Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-10-25 A66th Season 2 EU SPL Fall Season Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-07-12 A33rd EU Hitbox Invitational Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-06-28 A66th Season 2 EU SPL Summer Season Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-05-10 I1Q Season 2 EU SPL Summer Qualifiers Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-04-05 A55th Season 2 EU SPL Spring Season Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-03-01 I1Q Season 2 EU SPL Spring Qualifiers Dlogo std.png DIG VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2014-11-16 A33 - 4th 2014 EU Regional Championship Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic XalieaFrostiaKShadowNightmareFunballerHalfDevil
2014-10-05 A11st Season 1 EU SPL Regular Season ExpSlogo std.png ExpS XalieaFrostiaKShadowNightmareFunballerHalfDevil
2014-09-20 A11st TSM Invitational ExpSlogo std.png ExpS XalieaFrostiaKShadowNightmareFunballerHalfDevil

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  1. ShadowNightmare removed from Team Coast