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Rowe Prolfile 2017.png
Background Information
Name: Daniel Rowe
Country of Birth: Australia Australia
Birthday: December 15, 1994
Team: LG Dire Wolves
Role: Jungle
Favorite Gods:    
Alternate IDs: Dat300PingLife, Dat50PingLife
Hirez Profile: Rowe
Guru Profile: Rowe
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Reddit: AuRowe
Team History
Dec 2014 - Mar 2015Incitelogo std.png Incite
Mar 2015 - Feb 2016Avlogo std.png Avant Garde
Feb 2016 - Dec 2016PANDAlogo std.png Team Pandamonium
Dec 2016 - PresentDWlogo std.png Dire Wolves
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Daniel "Rowe" Rowe is an Australian SMITE player. He is currently playing jungle for LG Dire Wolves.


Rowe lives in Brisbane, Queensland.

Rowe started playing games at a young age, playing the PlayStation 1 and 2. Eventually converting to PC with Warcraft 3 and onto World of Warcraft for almost 7 years until he started playing SMITE in early 2012. During Season One he sat high in Diamond 1 on NA servers using the name Dat300PingLife lightheartedly making fun of the fact that he was connecting to North American servers from Australia. With the release of OCE servers in late 2014, he renamed to Dat50PingLife and eventually to his surname; Rowe.

In December 2014 he formed Incite which was later acquired by Avant Garde. Together with the team he continued on to finish the Season 2 OPL entirely undefeated, qualifying for the Oceanic Regionals at PAX Australia 2015. They continued their momentum from the online league into offline play and capped off their regional season with a 19-0 win streak, solidifying themselves a spot at the Season 2 Smite World Championship where they fell in 9-10th Place to Enemy and Qiao Gu Reapers.

Moving into Season 3, Rowe took over captaincy of the team and decided to step away from the Avant Garde organisation. Now under Team Pandamonium; Rowe and the team continued to compete in the Oceanic Pro League with good results, remaining as the most successful Oceanic Smite team even through several roster changes. In November 2016 they once again won their Regional Championship, qualifying the team for the Season 3 Smite World Championship. Shortly after qualification, the team signed to the Dire Wolves and announced they would be flying to North America to bootcamp for three weeks leading into the SWC. Though even with the weeks spent practicing against North American teams, the Dire Wolves were not able to pick up a win at the Season 3 Smite World Championship; falling to Obey Alliance and Team Allegiance on day one of the competition.


  • He is among only three players, one of which being his mid-lane teammate Ochita, who have competed at every Oceanic SMITE Championship.
  • He was the highest rated Oceanic player in Conquest Ranked through Season 1, 2 and 3.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-05-07 A11st IEM Season 12 - Sydney DWlogo std.png DW kikiomeoRoweOchitaMingyuSeoRichardCastle
2017-04-30 A99 - 10th SMITE Masters 2017 DWlogo std.png DW kikiomeoRoweOchitaMingyuSeoRichardCastle
2017-04-02 A11st 2017 OPL Split 1 DWlogo std.png DW kikiomeoRoweOchitaMingyuSeoRichardCastle
2017-01-08 A99 - 10th SMITE World Championship 2017 DWlogo std.png DW kikiomeoRoweOchitaRichardCastleMaxen
2016-11-27 A11st 2016 OCE Regional Championship PANDAlogo std.png PANDA kikiomeoRoweOchitaMaxenRichardCastle
2016-08-21 A22nd Season 3 OPL Split 2 Playoffs PANDAlogo std.png PANDA RoweMaxenOchitaSubfloorRichardCastle
2016-07-31 A33rd Season 3 OPL Split 2 PANDAlogo std.png PANDA RoweMaxenOchitaSubfloorErraticc
2016-04-17 A11st Season 3 OPL Split 1 Playoffs PANDAlogo std.png PANDA SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorSwaya
2016-04-03 A11st Season 3 OPL Split 1 PANDAlogo std.png PANDA SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorSwaya
2016-01-10 A99 - 10th SMITE World Championship 2016 Avlogo std.png Av SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorBiggy
2015-10-31 A11st 2015 OCE Regional Championship Avlogo std.png Av SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorBiggy
2015-09-06 A11st Season 2 OPL Split 2 Avlogo std.png Av SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorBiggy
2015-06-22 A11st Season 2 OPL Split 1 Invitational Ladder Avlogo std.png Av SporksRoweOchitaSubfloorBiggy

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