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SnG Murrdurr 2016 Fall.png
Background Information
Name: Andreas Christmansson
Country of Birth: Sweden Sweden
Birthday: November 20, 1992
Team: New Game Plus
Role: Support
Favorite Gods:   
Hirez Profile: Murrdurr
Guru Profile: Murrdurr
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Facebook: KanyeLifePro
Reddit: Murrdurr
Team History
??? - ???Logo std2.png APOTEKET
??? - ???ExpSlogo std.png Exposed Secrets
??? - ???Logo std2.png Victorious Secret
??? - ???Logo std2.png Reason Gaming EU
???- ???C9logo std.png Cloud9
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014Agilitaslogo std.png Agilitas
Oct 2014 - Jan 2015Aquilalogo std.png Aquila
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016Titanlogo std.png Titan
Jan 2016 - Aug 2016TPGlogo std.png Torpedo
Aug 2016 - Aug 2016LFTOlogo std.png Team Leftovers
Aug 2016 - Dec 2016SnGlogo std.png Sanguine Esports
Feb 2017 - PresentNGPlogo std.png New Game Plus
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Andreas "Murrdurr" Christmansson is a Swedish SMITE player. He is currently playing support for New Game Plus. He was previously known as KanyeLife.


Murrdurr has lived his whole life in Sundsvall, Sweden. He studied society/economy but hasn't pursued a career within the field. He started playing Habbo Hotel at the age of 10 and later moved on to playing MMOs for 8 years, where realized that his passion for games were mostly for Player vs Player action, which later motivated him to play the MOBA genre of games.

Once starting in SMITE, KanyeLife (then Murrdurr) quickly found himself in the competitive scene, where he played on a variety of teams as support.


  • His previous name "KanyeLife" results from listening to a lot of rap (Including Kanye West), and wanting to feel like a rapper.
  • Enjoys going to the gym and jogging. Used to ski and play table tennis - which has now been replaced by SMITE.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-06-10 A11st 2017 EU CC Summer #1 NGPlogo std.png NGP VastrakalRepikasPhlippoGamehunterMurrdurr
2017-04-01 I1Q 2017 EU CC Pre-Summer Relegations NGPlogo std.png NGP VastrakalRepikasKeroGamehunterMurrdurr
2017-03-25 A33rd 2017 EU CC Spring #2 NGPlogo std.png NGP VastrakalRepikasKeroGamehunterMurrdurr
2017-03-04 A11st 2017 EU CC Spring #1 NGPlogo std.png NGP VastrakalRepikasKeroGamehunterMurrdurr
2017-02-11 I1NQ 2017 EU SPL Spring Relegations NGPlogo std.png NGP N0NumbersRepikasKeroGamehunterMurrdurr
2016-12-17 A11st EU Saturnalia Open LFTOlogo std.png LFTO N0NumbersCherryoMrSt3fanKespainifyMurrdurr
2016-11-20 A33 - 4th 2016 EU Regional Championship SnGlogo std.png SnG NikaCherryoTheDarkDodoArkkylMurrdurr
2016-11-19 A66th SWC 2017 Wildcard SnGlogo std.png SnG NikaCherryoTheDarkDodoArkkylMurrdurr
2016-10-23 A33rd Season 3 EU SPL Fall Season SnGlogo std.png SnG NikaCherryoTheDarkDodoArkkylMurrdurr
2016-09-16 A88th Season 3 EU SPL Fall Placement SnGlogo std.png SnG NikaCherryoTheDarkDodoArkkylMurrdurr
2016-08-06 I1NQ Season 3 EU SPL Fall Relegations TPGlogo std.png TPG GamehunterNinjaBobatKorinyom0eXMurrdurr
2016-06-06 A88th Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season TPGlogo std.png TPG m0eXNinjaBobatKorinyoGamehunterMurrdurr
2016-03-05 I1Q Season 3 EU SPL Spring Relegations TPGlogo std.png TPG GamehunterNinjaBobatBroTuZm0eXMurrdurr
2015-11-22 A66th 2015 EU Regional Championship Titanlogo std.png Titan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-10-25 A55th Season 2 EU SPL Fall Season Titanlogo std.png Titan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-07-26 A44th Season 2 SPL Summer Finals Titanlogo std.png Titan AtaraxiaRepikasPrettyPriMeConfreyKanyeLife
2015-07-12 A22nd EU Hitbox Invitational Titanlogo std.png Titan AtaraxiaRepikasPrettyPriMeConfreyKanyeLife
2015-06-28 A11st Season 2 EU SPL Summer Season Titanlogo std.png Titan AtaraxiaRepikasPrettyPriMeConfreyKanyeLife
2015-04-05 A33rd Season 2 EU SPL Spring Season Titanlogo std.png Titan ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-01-11 A22nd SMITE World Championship 2015 Titanlogo std.png Titan ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2014-11-16 A11st 2014 EU Regional Championship Aquilalogo std.png Aquila ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2014-03-30 A55 - 8th SMITE Launch Tournament C9logo std.png C9 XalieaSuntouchPsiyoSmekMurrdurr

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