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ALG MLCst3alth 2016 Fall.png
Background Information
Name: Brett Felley
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: February 14, 1992
Team: Noble eSports
Role: Mid
Favorite Gods:       
Hirez Profile: MLCst3alth
Guru Profile: MLCst3alth
Social Media and Links
Livestream: [1]
Reddit: steathkarma
Youtube: brett21492
Team History
Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
SNIPElogo std.png SNIPE Gaming
Jul 2013 - Dec 2013COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
Dec 2013 - Dec 2013EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports
Dec 2013 - Jan 2015COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016C9logo std.png Cloud9
Feb 2016 - Feb 2016Logo std2.png Team Hopeful
Feb 2016 - Jun 2016NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
Aug 2016 - Jan 2017ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
Feb 2017 - PresentNoblelogo std.png Noble eSports
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Brett "MLCst3alth" Felley is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing mid for Noble eSports.


MLCst3alth lives in Lewisville, Texas but is from Dallas, Texas.

He was playing Tribes: Ascend when Hi-Rez Studios released their new game, SMITE.


  • Learned how to play mid back in the day by watching Lassiz and copying everything he did.
  • He announced that he became engaged to his girlfriend Mariah on 28 February 2015; they married on 28 September 2015. On 5 July 2017, his wife gave birth to a baby girl named Katherine.
  • Enjoys listening to Nickelback.
  • His favorite color is either purple or blue, although he also likes red.
  • Was the second player after YOUNGBAE to be turned into a skin; COG  Scylla was created with 'st3alth' written on the back after his MVP performance at the 2015 SMITE World Championship.
  • Known for his happy-go-lucky demeanor and awkwardness.
  • Played an entire 2 game set on his wedding day.
  • He is one of four North American players to have attended all 3 World Championships consecutively. Of all players across regions, he is one of six (CaptainTwig (EU), BaRRaCCuDDa (NA), JeffHindla (NA), andinster (NA), and BlueWhale (CN) are the others).
  • He likes plain foods and fast food. He also loves chicken fingers.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-06-25 A55th 2017 NA SPL Summer Season Noblelogo std.png Noble AquariusSkeeledonMLCst3althWowyWubbn
2017-05-14 I1Q 2017 NA SPL Summer Relegations Noblelogo std.png Noble AquariusCopebbyMLCst3althWowyWubbn
2017-04-16 A66th 2017 NA SPL Spring Gauntlet Noblelogo std.png Noble UzzyElchapoMLCst3althWowyWubbn
2017-03-26 A77th 2017 NA SPL Spring Season Noblelogo std.png Noble UzzyelchapooMLCst3althWowyWubbn
2017-02-12 I1Q 2017 NA SPL Spring Relegations Noblelogo std.png Noble UzzyelchapooMLCst3althWowyWubbn
2017-01-08 A55 - 8th SMITE World Championship 2017 ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-12-18 A44th NA Saturnalia Open Logo std2.png JHindla 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-11-19 A11st SWC 2017 Wildcard ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-11-06 A11st Season 3 NA SPL Fall Gauntlet ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-10-30 A55th Season 3 NA SPL Fall Season ALGlogo std.png ALG CopebbyWeak3nMLCst3althVenenuIncon
2016-09-15 A44th Season 3 NA SPL Fall Placement ALGlogo std.png ALG CopebbyWeak3nMLCst3althVenenuIncon
2016-06-06 A77th Season 3 NA SPL Spring Season NVlogo std.png nV 0megaCycloneSpinMLCst3althKikiSoCheekyEonic
2016-01-10 A33 - 4th SMITE World Championship 2016 C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-11-22 A11st 2015 NA Regional Championship C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-10-25 A33rd Season 2 NA SPL Fall Season C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-09-20 A11st Gears of Fate Cognitive Gaming Invitational C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-07-26 A66th Season 2 SPL Summer Finals C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-07-11 A33rd NA Hitbox Invitational C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-06-28 A22nd Season 2 NA SPL Summer Season C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-04-05 A33rd Season 2 NA SPL Spring Season C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-01-11 A11st SMITE World Championship 2015 COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-11-23 A22nd 2014 NA Regional Championship COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-10-05 A22nd Season 1 NA SPL Regular Season COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-03-30 A33rd SMITE Launch Tournament COGlogo std.png COG OmegaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaDaretoCare

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