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Background Information
Name: Rosario Vilardi
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: June 21, 1993
Team: Luminosity Gaming
Role: Support
Favorite Gods:      
Nicknames: Jeff "The Sex" Hindla, The Sex
Hirez Profile: JeffHindla
Guru Profile: JeffHindla
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Youtube: Channel
Team History
Logo std2.png MyoElectric
Apr 2013 - Apr 2014Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
Apr 2014 - Jan 2015COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016C9logo std.png Cloud9
Feb 2016Logo std2.png Team Hopeful
Feb 2016 - Mar 2016Woonylogo std.png Woony Tunes
Mar 2016 - PresentLGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
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Rosario "JeffHindla" Vilardi is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing support for Luminosity Gaming.


JeffHindla lives in Islip, New York.

JeffHindla played a lot of World of Warcraft Arena and FPS games before his friend showed him SMITE.


  • Many fans believe Jeff is Canadian, but he is actually American and resides in Islip, NY.
  • When fans are hyped about a play JeffHindla makes, they type or shout "Raise your JeffHindlas!"
  • Fans nicknamed Cloud 9 as Cloud 69 when it was announced he was joining the organization.
  • He vapes.
  • He named himself after his real life friend.
  • Loves ska.
  • Says "Let's go!" after a big play.
  • His nickname, "The Sex", was given to him by Allied.
  • He is one of four North American players to have attended all 3 World Championships consecutively. Of all players across regions, he is one of six (CaptainTwig (EU), MLCst3alth (NA), BaRRaCCuDDa (NA), andinster (NA), and BlueWhale (CN) are the others).

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-06-25 A33rd 2017 NA SPL Summer Season LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedBaskinBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2017-04-30 A55 - 8th SMITE Masters 2017 LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedBaskinBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2017-03-26 A22nd 2017 NA SPL Spring Season LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedBaskinBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2017-01-08 A33 - 4th SMITE World Championship 2017 LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-12-18 A44th NA Saturnalia Open Logo std2.png JHindla 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-11-20 A33 - 4th 2016 NA Regional Championship LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-11-19 A22nd SWC 2017 Wildcard LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-10-30 A33rd Season 3 NA SPL Fall Season LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-09-15 A11st Season 3 NA SPL Fall Placement LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDMaskedXenoTronicsBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-06-06 A44th Season 3 NA SPL Spring Season LGlogo std.png LG ScaryDandinsterTheBooshBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2016-01-10 A33 - 4th SMITE World Championship 2016 C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-11-22 A11st 2015 NA Regional Championship C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-10-25 A33rd Season 2 NA SPL Fall Season C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-09-20 A11st Gears of Fate Cognitive Gaming Invitational C9logo std.png C9 BaskinandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-07-26 A66th Season 2 SPL Summer Finals C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-07-11 A33rd NA Hitbox Invitational C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-06-28 A22nd Season 2 NA SPL Summer Season C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-04-05 A33rd Season 2 NA SPL Spring Season C9logo std.png C9 0megaandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2015-01-11 A11st SMITE World Championship 2015 COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-11-23 A22nd 2014 NA Regional Championship COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-10-05 A22nd Season 1 NA SPL Regular Season COGlogo std.png COG OmegatronandinsterMLCst3althBaRRaCCuDDaJeffHindla
2014-03-30 A55 - 8th SMITE Launch Tournament Deniallogo std.png Denial RushedPonPonULALAMacetodafacePainDeViandeJeffHindla

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