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Roster left for a new Organization.
Hungry For More
Team Information
Location: Europe Europe
Managers: Irina "ArcticPriMe" Iris
Team Captain: Nathaniel "Ataraxia" Mark
Created: 2016-01-17
Disbanded: 2016-09-15
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Hungry For More was a European SMITE team.


Hungry For More was formed after Titan broke up due largely to the belief they no longer worked well together, not as well as they had in during SMITE World Championship 2015. The other three members that were not a part of the team were hungry to prove themselves to the viewers that dismissed them, making the team's name an obvious choice for them. The team was expected to be a powerhouse, however, during the first half of the Spring Split, Hungry For More did not live up to those expectations. Sitting seventh place mocked by viewers, Hungry For More went on an unprecedented winning streak, ending the Spring Split in third place after MANALIKE replaced Zindurn on the main roster.

At Dreamhack, despite high expectations by fans both European and American, Hungry For More was crushed by Team Eager 3-0, as they were not used to North American aggression.

Going forward into the Fall Split, Hungry For More maintained their third place ranking, although they were believed to be quite far below the skill of first and second seeds NRG eSports and Paradigm. In the final week of online events, Obey Alliance recruited the roster.


  • 2016

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
United Kingdom Variety Harry Cumming Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance
United Kingdom CaptainTwig Benjamin Knight Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance
Sweden PrettyPriMe Emil Edström Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance
United Kingdom Ataraxia Nathaniel Mark Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance
Poland PANDALIKE Oskar Lasota Template:RoleSortNumber Support Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance
Denmark Zindurn Mads Toft Rasmussen Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Support


ID Name Position Next Team
Romania ArcticPriMe Irina Iris Template:RoleSortNumber Manager Obeylogo std.png Obey Alliance

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2016-06-21 A55 - 8th SMITE Masters 2016 VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaMANALIKE $ 5,000
2016-06-06 A33rd Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season VarietyCaptainTwigPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaMANALIKE
Total earnings:
    • USD 5,000

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