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Background Information
Name: Kieran Henshaw
Country of Birth: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Birthday: October 11, 1998
Team: DAB Layun
Role: Support
Favorite God:  
Alternate IDs: Dekuscrub, Dekuscrubling, SeemanDemon
Hirez Profile: SeemanDemon
Guru Profile: SeemanDemon
Social Media and Links
Team History
Apr 2015PntLlogo std.png Team Pointless
Jun 2015 - Aug 20156igmalogo std.png Six Sigma
Sep 2015 - Nov 2015Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas
Jan 2016Logo std2.png The Call Centre
Feb 2016 - Mar 2016Clownlogo std.png Clown Fiesta
Jan 2017 - PresentLogo std2.png DAB Layun
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Kieran "SeemanDemon" Henshaw is a British SMITE player. He is currently playing support for DAB Layun. He was previously known as Dekuscrub and Deku.


SeemanDemon started playing PC at around age 9 with World of Warcraft. He continued playing that until 2014. Moving onto SMITE, he was unhappy with casuals/ranked and found a team on Reddit to play with.

He later competed in SPL Season 2 EU Summer Challenger with Six Sigma. On September 13th 2015, he joined Team Dignitas in a coaching/analyst capacity.[1]. After losing to Paradigm in the EU Super Regionals after a heartbreaking five game series, SeemanDemon decided to step down from his role of coach for Team Dignitas.[2]

He is currently a part-time insurance broker.


  • His nickname originates from the first transformation of Link in Zelda: Majora's Mask being called a "Dekuscrub"
  • He is studying IT in college

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates

As Coach

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2015-11-22 A55th SPLSeason2Logo.png Season 2 EU Regionals Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-10-25 A66th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Fall Split Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO

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  1. Deku joins Team Dignitas as coach/analyst
  2. Deku leaves Team Dignitas