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ALG CycloneSpin 2016 Fall.png
Background Information
Name: Jarod Nguyen
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: April 4, 1999
Team: Team Allegiance
Role: Solo
Favorite Gods:   
Alternate IDs: Little Ismael, AsúnaYuuki, dogespin, SilverPandaLord
Hirez Profile: CycloneSpin
Guru Profile: CycloneSpin
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Reddit: CycloneSpin
Team History
Late 2013Logo std2.png Last Resort
Early 2014Logo std2.png ClashNSlash
Oct 2014 - Dec 2014Chunkslogo std.png Fat Chunks
Dec 2014 - Mar 2015CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
Mar 2015MMlogo std.png Melior Morior
Mar 2015 - Oct 2015AFKlogo std.png AFK Gaming
Nov 2015 - Jan 2016NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
Oct 2015 - Nov 2016NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
Nov 2016 - PresentALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
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Jarod "CycloneSpin" Nguyen is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing solo for Team Allegiance.


CycloneSpin lives in Fountain Valley, Calfornia.

CycloneSpin played a Pay2Win FPS called Project Blackout which he was decent at. He started playing SMITE in the early closed beta in 2012. He was later asked by Hero to join Last Resort as a mid player.

He eventually made a name for himself on Fat Chunks Assemble, where his talent in the solo lane shined during the SMITE Pro League. After the team failed to qualify for the SMITE World Championship, the team disbanded, leaving CycloneSpin without a team. He was picked up by compLexity as their new solo laner.

During Season 2 compLexity qualified for the SMITE Pro League in convincing fashion. However just days later, the team decided to drop their current sponsor and start a new team which would be called Melior Morior. The team would then rename to AFK Gaming, which would dominate the season, remaining the top North American team with minimal losses. During Week 7 of the Fall Split, AFK Gaming joined Team EnVyUs. However, when they failed to qualify for the SMITE World Championship 2016, Cyclone, like many of his team, helped to form the EnVy Xbox team to attempt to compete at Worlds. They were the victors of the Open Bracket, and eventually the entire tournament. After this victory, EnVy returned to PC Smite, where they announced the Xbox team would become the PC team as well.


  • His favorite game is the fighting game BlazBlue.
  • He has played every role in competitive SMITE.
  • He watches a lot of anime, with his favorite being Shirobako.
  • He is of Vietnamese descent.
  • Known for his speedy rotations, incredible farming and mechanical skill.
  • Particularly renowned for his off meta picks, typically assassins.
  • Hates  Loki.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2017-06-25 A66th 2017 NA SPL Summer Season ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMetyankeyOceansNeiruMah
2017-04-16 A55th 2017 NA SPL Spring Gauntlet ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMetyankeyOceansViviaNx3
2017-03-26 A66th 2017 NA SPL Spring Season ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMetyankeyOceansPolarBearMike
2017-01-08 A55 - 8th SMITE World Championship 2017 ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-12-18 A11st NA Saturnalia Open Logo std2.png MnI CycloneSpinMaskedMetyankeySnoopyPolarBearMike
2016-11-19 A11st SWC 2017 Wildcard ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-11-06 A11st Season 3 NA SPL Fall Gauntlet ALGlogo std.png ALG CycloneSpinWeak3nMLCst3althOceansPolarBearMike
2016-10-30 A77th Season 3 NA SPL Fall Season NVlogo std.png nV CycloneSpinSkeeledonKikiSoCheekyOceansPolarBearMike
2016-09-15 A66th Season 3 NA SPL Fall Placement NVlogo std.png nV CycloneSpinSkeeledonKikiSoCheekyOceansPolarBearMike
2016-08-07 I1Q Season 3 NA SPL Fall Relegations NVlogo std.png nV CycloneSpinSkeeledonKikiSoCheekyWowyPolarBearMike
2016-06-06 A77th Season 3 NA SPL Spring Season NVlogo std.png nV 0megaCycloneSpinMLCst3althKikiSoCheekyEonic
2015-11-22 A44th 2015 NA Regional Championship NVlogo std.png nV CycloneSpinWeak3nInconAlliedKikiSoCheeky
2015-10-25 A11st Season 2 NA SPL Fall Season NVlogo std.png nV CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-09-20 A33 - 4th Gears of Fate Cognitive Gaming Invitational AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-07-26 A33rd Season 2 SPL Summer Finals AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-07-11 A11st NA Hitbox Invitational AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-06-28 A11st Season 2 NA SPL Summer Season AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-06-14 A11st SMITE Masters São Paulo AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyZapmanIncon
2015-04-26 A11st Season 2 SPL Spring Finals AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-04-05 A22nd Season 2 NA SPL Spring Season AFKlogo std.png AFK CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiSoCheekyAlliedIncon
2015-02-28 I1Q Season 2 NA SPL Spring Qualifiers CoLlogo std.png coL CycloneSpinWeak3nKikiOrNahAlliedIncon
2014-11-23 A55 - 6th 2014 NA Regional Championship Chunkslogo std.png Chunks CycloneSpinUkneekHurriwindSamshrewOrNahAror
2014-10-05 A55th Season 1 NA SPL Regular Season Chunkslogo std.png Chunks CycloneSpinUkneekHurriwindSamshrewAror

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