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Team has Disbanded.
Aware Gaming/Xbox
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Sponsor: Scuf Gaming
Turtle Beach
PWND Gamerz
Gamers Apparel
Tomahawk Shades
Youtube: AwareGamingPro
Facebook: AwareGaming
Twitter: AwareGaming
Created (1): 2015-07-06 (SMITE division)
Disbanded (1): 2016-03
Created (2): 2016-09-04
Disbanded (2): 2016-??-??
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Aware Gaming is a North American based eSports organisation.

Outside of SMITE XBOX, the organization has rosters in Call of Duty, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and League of Legends.


Season 2

Aware Gaming took their first step into SMITE Xbox by the acquirement of Team Trova. Only in the same month the players of that roster decided to sign with Team eLevate, leaving Aware Gaming without a roster. Only a month later Driven Gaming got picked up as their new roster. Through out the year, the team had trouble perusing results, so the team disbanded before the 2016 Summer Qualifiers.

Season 3

Wanting to get back in the scene, the org picked up Los Amigos, a team that qualified for the SCL though the Challenger Cup, on September 2016. Despite going into the Fall Season with serious doubts, the team proved themselves very quickly, taking down Most Wanted eSports and Soar Gaming, two of the top cards in the scene. However, the roster went though a shakeup with their jungler, LayersOfDeath, which caused the team to scramble for a few weeks until he rejoined the team, which brought the team a solid third place finish.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
USA DoctorL Nicholas Lohmann Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Starboy Cameron Goodman Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Boronic Brenden Laureano Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Michael Checo Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Kenshin Christopher Page Template:RoleSortNumber Support Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Forger Vulcan Nicholas Miller Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Mid SBlogo std.png Strictly Business
USA KhaoticPurpose Casey Fowler Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Mollusk Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA LayersOD Casey Fowler Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Candyman Andy Candiello Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA Tsmall Tyler Small Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Logo std2.png The SamBams
USA Qruxy Tyler Partain Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA BkWaste Brandon Cain Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports
USA Blacksye Kyle Olney Template:RoleSortNumber Support Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports
USA Yubs Nicholas Yebba Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA Aggro Ryan Bailey Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Shame Thomas Burnam Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Epsillogo std.png Epsilon eSports
USA Achilles Hector Collazo Template:RoleSortNumber Sub XGNlogo std.png XGN
USA Uzzy Arthur Ashurov Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Pookabear Andrew Nowakowski Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Lovellyy Robert Love Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Hotbow Daniel Reyes Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Elvlogo std.png Elevate
USA Echos Chad Ralph Template:RoleSortNumber Support Elvlogo std.png Elevate



ID Name Role Next Team
USA ResistEvo Brandon Fuentes Coach
USA Bakasura Coach

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2016-01-10 A88 - 11th SWC2016logo small.png SWC 2016 Xbox One Invitational CandymanTsmallBkHasteQruxyBlacksye $1,250
2015-11-20 A77th SmiteMLGProLeague.png MLG Pro League CandymanTsmallYubsQruxyBlacksye
2015-10-18 A33 - 4th MLGFinals2.png MLG World Finals BlackeyeShameAggroTsmallCandyman $2,500

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