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Background Information
Name: Anatoliy Alekseyenok (Анатолій Алексейенок)
Country of Birth: Ukraine Ukraine
Birthday: February 12, 1989
Role: Caster
Favorite Gods:   
Alternate IDs: phNx
Hirez Profile: AnatoLiy
Guru Profile: AnatoLiy
Social Media and Links
Livestream: Twitch
Youtube: Channel
Team History
Oct 2012 - Nov 2012BLGlogo std.png Borderland Gaming
Nov 2012 - Feb 2013Juicelogo std.png Juice Gaming
Feb 2013 - Jun 2013Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
Jun 2013 - Jan 2015Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas
Jan 2015 - Aug 2015Egrlogo std.png Team Eager
Mar 2016 - May 2016Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
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Anatoliy "AnatoLiy" Alekseyenok (Cyrillic: Анатолій Алексейенок) is a Ukrainian SMITE player. He is currently a caster for Hi-Rez Studios.


AnatoLiy was born in Ukraine, and moved to Brooklyn when he was little. He first learned of SMITE through a competitive match of CS:GO, where a childhood friend recognized his gamertag and introduced him to SMITE. He was one of the first competitive SMITE players, becoming part of the iconic Team Dignitas. Although he relinquished his role multiple times to become a coach, he would always return to the role. AnatoLiy played for Team Eager during Season 2 Spring and Summer. Only days before the start of SPL Season 2 NA Fall, the team announced AnatoLiy would go inactive for the split due to personal issues.[1]

A few weeks later, AnatoLiy announced that he officially resigned from competitive SMITE, and changed his name to phNx.[2] Within a month however, he had changed his name back. He stated on stream that while he did not plan on playing on a team in Season 3 he did plan on coaching a team, which became reality when he began coaching Fnatic in March 2016. This coaching job was only temporary, as he joined Hi-Rez Studios as a caster two months later.


  • AnatoLiy has relinquished his role as the solo laner twice throughout his history with the former Team Eager roster. The first was when Shing joined as the solo laner, and the second when 0mega joined as the solo laner.
  • Has a YouTube channel where he analyzes certain SPL strategies.
  • Has been criticized by dmbrandon once during a cast of a game for missing 13 gold in a wave, which was deemed a huge misplay. This led to any slight mistake becoming known as a huge misplay, regardless of who performed the misplay or who casted it.
  • After retiring from competitive Smite, he moved back to New York City and pursued a career in healthcare before moving to Georgia to cast for Hi-Rez.
  • He was frequently hired by Hi-Rez as an analyst for competitive tournaments before being employed full-time.
  • Owns a dog named Loki.
  • Was the first player to play Ares in a competitive game in the solo lane.
  • His first Rank X god was Ra.
  • He likes ramen more than pho.
  • His favorite pizza topping is sausage.
  • Former roommates with Lassiz, DaretoCare, Krett and Zapman.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Roster
2015-07-11 A44th NA Hitbox Invitational Egrlogo std.png eGr AnatoLiyDaretoCareLassizZapmanPolarBearMike
2015-06-28 A55th Season 2 NA SPL Summer Season Egrlogo std.png eGr AnatoLiyDaretoCareLassizZapmanPolarBearMike
2015-05-10 I1Q Season 2 NA SPL Summer Qualifiers Egrlogo std.png eGr AnatoLiyDaretoCareLassizZapmanAror
2015-04-18 A11st Season 2 NA CC Spring Egrlogo std.png eGr AnatoLiyDaretoCareLassizZapmanAror
2015-02-28 I1NQ Season 2 NA SPL Spring Qualifiers Egrlogo std.png eGr AnatoLiyLassizGnawZapmanDaretoCare
2014-03-30 A22nd SMITE Launch Tournament Dlogo std.png DIG AnatoLiyLassizTheBestZapmanShadowq

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  1. Omega joins Team Eager
  2. AnatoLiy retires.