The Papis

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The Papis
Team Information
Location: Spain Spain
Coaches: Casper "Snakeskin" Bruning
Team Captain: Jokin "Dheylo" Martiarena
Twitter: ThePapisSmite
Created: Apr 2015
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The Papis is a Spanish-based SMITE team. It was formed from the remains of Ases Club in April 2015.


Season 2

Shortly after its formation, The Papis competed in the SPL Season 2 EU Summer Qualifiers but failed to qualify for the SPL Season 2 EU Summer Split.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Spain iCreeDx Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
Spain Dheylo Jokin Martiarena Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
Spain Ojoboom Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
Spain Warchi Marc Gómez Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
Spain Dracomarino Template:RoleSortNumber Support
Spain TheAlexMc Template:RoleSortNumber Substitute


ID Name Role Next Team
Spain Perilla12 Raúl Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports
Spain DavidArnaiz David Arnaiz Template:RoleSortNumber Support
Spain PosPalSuelo Daniel Valera Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Mid OAlogo std.png OverAmuse
Spain Ojoboom Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
Spain Dafull Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
Peru Th3ArchangeL Jhonny López Template:RoleSortNumber Support



ID Name Position
Netherlands Snakeskin Casper Bruning Template:RoleSortNumber Coach

Team Achievements

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2017-06-24 A77th 2017 EU SPL Summer Season iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-05-13 I1Q 2017 EU SPL Summer Relegations iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-25 A22nd 2017 EU CC Spring #2 iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-11 I1Q 2017 EU CC Spring Relegations iCreeDxDheyloOjoboomWarchiDracomarino
2017-03-05 I1Q 2017 EU Combine Spring #1 DheyloOjoboomWarchiiCreeDxDracomarino
2016-10-01 A55th Season 3 EU CC Fall Season iCreeDxDheyloWarchiperilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-09-17 I1Q Season 3 EU CC Fall Qualifiers iCreeDxDheyloWarchiperilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-07-16 A44th Season 3 EU CC Spring Playoffs TheAlexMCDheyloWarchiPerilla12DavidArnaiz $ 500
2016-07-09 A44th Season 3 EU CC Spring Season TheAlexMCDheyloWarchiPerilla12DavidArnaiz
2016-06-26 I1Q Season 3 EU CC Spring Qualifiers WarchiDheyloTheAlexMCPerilla12DavidArnaiz
2015-05-10 I1NQ Season 2 EU SPL Summer Qualifiers OjoboomDheyloYalukZWarchiTh3ArchangeL
Total earnings:
    • USD 500

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